Stuff I See At Work – Box o’ Colts

We got a collection with a pile of Colt .22 Woodsman and Match Target pistols. This bin has layer after layer of them!


Picture of the Day – Colt 1911

This is a Colt Special Combat Government. It’s a custom shop 1911 .45 Auto with a load of features. I didn’t always like two tone guns but they have grown on me over time.


A preview of another oddball.

This is from the days before Lasergrips…


HK P7M10 .40 S&W

He had this come through at work. I prefer the 9mm version due to the size of the .40. This is also one of the few guns where I prefer the Euro-style heel mag release, otherwise I prefer their current mag release.



Question of the Day

Got a call asking, “Is it safe to move my gun safe with loaded guns in it?” Short answer: no. I really shouldn’t have to and I never thought I’d have to explain that.

.223 Pocket Pistol – why?

I file this under an answer to a question no one asked.

You wouldn’t get any useful velocity out of this.

Magpul rolling out Stealth Gray, discontinuing others.

I posted this on my twitter feed the other day but I think it needs to be here as well. Magpul is fully rolling out their Stealth gray products. They had started a couple of years ago but were interrupted by the panic of 2012.

In other Magpul news, they are discontinuing all Foliage Green parts and all non-black MOE mags by the end of 2014.

Hat tip: DarkOnion on Reddit.