Happy New Year Everyone.

Posting this a little early because I have to go to work tomorrow morning.


Weird work schedule next week.

Just wante to say I’ve got an interesting schedule at work next week. Posts may be a little sparse.

Lee Enfield copies from Australia to come to US?

Steve over at the Firearm Blog posted that AIA my be exporting their M10 Lee Enfield in 7.62mm NATO to the US in addition to their European export models. He points out something interesting about why they haven’t been imported before.

Because parts of the rifle were made in Vietnam importing it stateside would be illegal. If AIA are truly gearing up to export to the United States they must be manufacturing at least the export model elsewhere.

Hat Tip: The Firearm Blog

Gear Review – Maratac Zulu S-Series 2 Ring Watch Band

Well I got a few new gadgets for Christmas. I got a Maratac AAA flashlight and a new watch band. The band is a Maratac 2 ring Zulu S-Series. I got #238 which is a black band with an ACU Gray stripe and is for watches with a 22mm lug. I am currently wearing it on my Luminox 3013. It is VERY comfortable and appears to me to be the most secure band on any of my watches. It has a one piece design that weaves through the bars on the watch. The idea is that since it was made for a dive watch, if one of the spring bars breaks, you don’t lose your watch when you’re 150 meters underwater. A side benefit of the one piece strap is you can change it pretty quickly to clean the watch or just to switch out different colors. Here’s how County Comm describes the Maratac Zulus:

The nylon is both soft but firm with laser burnt holes leaving no nasty burrs to irritate your wrist or wear on your wet suit. The buckles are made from brushed high grade 316L Stainless Steel that has extremely low (if any) magnetic properties making these straps ideal for use with your dive compass as well as your watch. These bands are a one-piece design that weaves through your watch for maximum watch security during wet operations or just around town.

This definitely won’t be my last Zulu. I think I’ll try a 4 ring next.

Always Be Prepared.

Remember what you learned in the Boy Scouts.

Post-Apocalyptic Hat Tip to Epic Win FTW!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Gen 4 Glock photos leaked.

One of the distributors has posted some pictures of the new Gen 4 Glocks.

Hat Tip: The Firearm Blog