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I love Tritium.

One thing I’ve really grown to like is tritium. Up until recently, I’d only encountered it in night sights. A little over a year ago I picked up a Luminox SEAL watch. Now I’m spoiled. I have since seen it used to accent knife handles and even flashlights (go figure). Now whatever I look at or buy, I’m thinking of how it could be better if it glowed in the dark. I really like the watch for going to the movies. My other watches either have to light up with a button or have faded before the movie is half over. I’ll probably do a write up of my Luminox one of these days. I’d love a Marathon GSAR but that’s a little ways off.

Other watches with Tritium tubes are made by Traser, H3 Tactical, UZI brand, and several others. The knife with Tritium tubes in the handles was made by Darrel Ralph. I’ve seen pictures online of flashlights modded to put H3 tubes in them so you can find your light in the dark in case of emergency.


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