Sig Sauer P250 2SUM

The Sig P250 is now being sold in a kit that comes packed with the slide, barrel, and grip sets to make the full size and subcompact 9mm. Check out link to the official page and to the Firearm Blog post for more info. I’ve liked the idea of the Sig P250 since I first got a look at one. I like multi-caliber capable guns. Whether a factory option or aftermarket modding, it’s one of my favorite features. The AR-15, the UZI, the 1911, the Glock, the list goes on. Eventually I’ve got to get one of the P250s. I really like the ergonomics of the 9mm/40 S&W Compact frame that’s out now. I’ve yet to handle the .45 ACP version in any size or the 9/.40 subcompact or full size. I’d like to see the option to pick 2 kits of your choice.

Sig Sauer page on the P250 2SUM.

Hat Tip to Steve at The Firearm Blog.


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