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Titanium Yo-Yos

One of the custom knifemakers on Blade Forums posted pics of these in the Gadgets & Gear section. I got permission to repost them here. Brian Flud makes custom Titanium yo-yos as well as knives. Here are a few that caught my eye.

This one is “1 3/4 in od with bearing, flowable silicone responce system and 4 1.5mm x 5mm tritium vials.” The screws look like Torx heads to me.

Custom Yo-Yo by Brian Flud

Custom Yo-Yo by Brian Flud

These 3 are mini yo-yos “with bearings, flowable silicone responce systems and glow dots.” I think they also have Torx screws.

3 Mini Ti Yo-Yos by Brian Flud

They all have o-rings around the sides.

You can see more of Brian’s Ti yo-yos as well as his knives on his website.


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