Charles Daly/KBI going out of business.

This is sad news. I liked Charles Daly for bringing a lot of the Israeli stuff over. They were working on bringing the IWI Tavor over. At least the Bul 1911s and the Jerichos will be available through Magnum Research.

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Bushmaster ACR news. has some answers to user questions from Bushmaster about the ACR. It doesn’t use AR barrels or triggers. It will be offered in 5.56, 6.8, 6.5, and 7.62X39.

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Sorry for the delays. I’m back to posting again.

SHOT Show 2010 – US Firearms Releases Woodsman .22 LR

U.S. Firearms, makers of fine Single Action Army and 1911 pistols, is reintroducing the classic Colt Woodsman .22. They are going to be manufacturing the 2nd Generation Woodsman Match. They will be distributed exclusively by Davidson’s.

The Outdoow Wire reports: (Emphasis added)

The New USFA WOODSMAN® Match .22 is hand crafted just like you’d expect from USFA, known for high quality and is made with our reverence for great workmanship. The Woodsman will be made in 2 standard barrel lengths (4-1/2″ and 6″) both featuring the slab sided barrel weights, offered in our beautiful High Polish Dome Blue with checkered walnut, right hand thumb rest grips. Options such as nickel plating, engraving, custom grip materials, and matching Maxim “silencer” (sound suppressor) package will be available at extra cost.

That is cool. A new Maxim can to go with a new Woodsman.

I couldn’t find any pictures of the new gun yet.

If you want to learn more about the Colt Woodsman series of .22s, check out

SHOT Show 2010 – Day 1 Roundup

Here are some links to Day 1 coverage. I’ll post some more specific articles as I can.

Shooting Times

NSSF is Tweeting SHOT coverage. HT – Say Uncle

Product Announcements:

  • AAC – a new comp called the Brakeout, a Blackout flash suppressor for .50s, a full titanium 300-SD can, and their own line if subsonic ammo.
  • Barrett – PSR concept spotted at Media Day. HT – Gear Scout
  • Benchmade – 4 new knives in the HK line, 17 more in their own lone. I’ll do a better write up of this later. HT – Gear Scout
  • Beretta – They’re adding a shotgun to the Storm line the TX4 (Gear Scout) and releasing the 92A1 and M96A1. It looks like a modified M9A1. It now has a rail, captive recoil spring, and a changeable front sight. HT – The Firearm Blog
  • Bushmaster – FINALLY! The ACR. MSRP means “street” price will be way out of my range for a while. The MSRP is WAY higher than the rep I talked to suggested it would be. HT – The Firearm Blog
  • FNH – The FNP-45 Tactical. Threaded barrel, night sights, and optics mount. HT – Shooting Times
  • Taurus – The Judge will soon be available in polymer. We already sell a ton of the “old” model at work. HT – The Outdoor Wire

SHOT Show 2010 – Media Range Day Coverage

Here’s some of the coverage of Range Day where the manufacturers and vendors let the industry press try out new and improved products for this year.

Michael Bane shares his experience.

Mark Burkett has some pictures. Hat Tip – Gun Nuts Media

Gun Blast has pics and video.

The NRA Blog has some pics too.

The Gun Nut from Field & Stream has a video.

Steve’s visit to the NRA Museum and HQ.

Steve from The Firearm Blog recently took a trip to the NRA’s HQ and their museum. He’s got some neat pictures and a write up of his trip.

The Museum Visit

The HQ Visit