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Stuff I See Messed Up – Ruger Mini-14

Here’s the first in a series I’m starting about guns and gear I see messed up at work and at the range. I’ll also try to include the causes and solutions as I get them. This installment is about a Ruger Mini-14 on the used rack at work. A customer had a question about a 1907 style leather sling and brought up one of the Rugers to ask for help. He has a Springfield M1A and needed to know how the military slings work. I took the rifle from him and pulled the bolt back to check for empty. When I let the handle go, the bolt only went halfway forward and stopped on something. I put it aside and helped the customer with his question (link to my previous post covering this). Later when I got a couple of minutes I figured I’d take it down and figure out what was wrong. Here’s where the problem really gets weird. Unlike its parent designs the M1 & M14, the Mini-14 can not be field stripped without the hammer cocked, bolt closed, and safety on. Since the bolt will only close about halfway, I can’t field strip the rifle. I’m going to take a longer look at it when I go back in to work and will post what the problem ends up being.


4 Responses

  1. I had kind of the opposite problem with a mini 30. the bolt would only pull about halfway back. the bolt wasn’t coming far enough back to recess the hammer so I couldn’t strip the damn thing. I ended up having to use a skinny screw driver to push the hammer down manually from the breech.

  2. Put an empty mag in and rack it.

  3. […] I See Messed Up – Ruger Mini-14 Fixed Posted on 4 February 2010 by Jon I previously posted about a messed up Ruger Mini-14 we had at work. Well I got a chance during a slow day to fix it. It turns out, the gas tube had gotten dislodged […]

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