Products I Recommend Against – Laserlyte Rear Sight Laser.

I saw the write up on these in this month’s American Rifleman. We’ve had Glocks come with these installed from the distributor. From the guns I’ve seen, they are unreliable, difficult to adjust, and prone to breaking. I’ve seen one stick on and only turn off when the batteries were pulled or they ran out. I’ve seen some that switch between modes when you rack the slide. I don’t know how they expect them to take even 9mm recoil when just tapping them hard enough causes problems. At the price these things are selling for, DEFINITELY avoid them. Look into Crimson Trace Lasergrips or a Lasermax instead.



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I’ve been very busy lately so there’ve been no posts. I’m hoping to get back soon.
I hope to get a range report up for the SIG-Sauer P250 9mm 2SUM as well as talk about some more gadgets soon.