A preview of another oddball.

This is from the days before Lasergrips…



Magpul rolling out Stealth Gray, discontinuing others.

I posted this on my twitter feed the other day but I think it needs to be here as well. Magpul is fully rolling out their Stealth gray products. They had started a couple of years ago but were interrupted by the panic of 2012.

In other Magpul news, they are discontinuing all Foliage Green parts and all non-black MOE mags by the end of 2014.

Hat tip: DarkOnion on Reddit.

Products I Recommend Against – Laserlyte Rear Sight Laser.

I saw the write up on these in this month’s American Rifleman. We’ve had Glocks come with these installed from the distributor. From the guns I’ve seen, they are unreliable, difficult to adjust, and prone to breaking. I’ve seen one stick on and only turn off when the batteries were pulled or they ran out. I’ve seen some that switch between modes when you rack the slide. I don’t know how they expect them to take even 9mm recoil when just tapping them hard enough causes problems. At the price these things are selling for, DEFINITELY avoid them. Look into Crimson Trace Lasergrips or a Lasermax instead.

LED conversion for an old pocketwatch.

This is one of the neatest things I’ve seen in a while. I found it a while back and finally got around to posting it. Paul Pounds turned an old Elgin pocket watch into a high tech watch using some new hardware and LEDs. He has this to say about the project:

My grandfather was a horologist. When he passed away in 2005 I inherited from him a collection of broken pocketwatches. As my skills are in microelectronics, rather than micromechanics, I felt it would be a fitting tribute to him to produce an electronic movement in place of one of the broken ones he’d never had the time to fix.

It’s a very cool watch and an interesting read. I hope he furthers the project, I’d like one.

Hat Tip: Gajitz

This will obviously end well.

Gajitz linked up to a custom digital camera shaped like a gun. I can’t think of any way that this could be a problem.

Franziska Dierschke created this digital camera, which she calls Aimat, to put the fun back into taking pictures.

The AIMAT digital camera.

For the watch guys. Entry-level automatic chronographs.

Found this while surfing and thought it was pretty interesting. Swatch is releasing some automatic watches with chronographs at some pretty good prices. I like the idea of automatic watches and other non-battery power sources like the Citizen Eco-Drive solar watches. I’ll probably get an automatic watch at some point but for now I’m more than happy with my Citizen and my Luminox among a few other watches I’ve been given over the years.

The article is HERE.

Hat Tip: Paul Nubbard at Watch Report.

How to use the 1907 sling.

I had a customer ask me yesterday how to use the military style leather slings. It had been a while since I’d set one up on a rifle so I printed it out for him off a great resource, Fulton Armory and their FAQ section. They have info on AR-15s, M1 Garands, and M14s.

How to attach the 1907 leather sling.

How to use the 1907 leather sling.