Cool way to protect your luggage.

I’m going to pass this tip along to some people I know who travel with special/expensive equipment.

If you’re traveling with equipment you would prefer locked up and watched more closely than your run of the mill luggage, you can pack a firearm with the equipment or luggage. Whether or not you own an actual firearm isn’t important—the TSA considers a starter pistol a firearm, and it must be checked in and secured properly.

If you’ve been traveling with your carry gun, you’ve been taking advantage of this all along.

Hat Tip: I think I read this on Say Uncle.


Stuff I See (Not) Messed Up – Marlin 795 .22 LR

Here’s the second installment in my possible ongoing series of posts on gun problems I see at work and the range. This is an easy one. A customer had reported the bolt wouldn’t close on his Marlin Model 795 .22 LR. The Marlin 795 is basically a Model 60 with a box magazine instead of a tube. One thing that was carried over from the 60 is it has an automatic and a manual bolt hold open. The automatic hold open works on an empty magazine. To activate the manual hold, you pull the bolt all the way to the rear and push the bolt handle in. To release it, simply pull the bolt handle back out. The customer had merely turned on the manual lock open. The reason this was confusing is that when the manual hold open is on, the bolt release for the last shot hold flops around. It took all of 4 seconds to fix.

Mers from AAC goes over how to legally buy a silencer.

Big thanks to Mers at AAC’s blog for posting this. While I don’t work at a shop that deals with NFA items, but we get the occasional question due to people not understanding the laws.

How To Legally Buy A Silencer.

How to use the 1907 sling.

I had a customer ask me yesterday how to use the military style leather slings. It had been a while since I’d set one up on a rifle so I printed it out for him off a great resource, Fulton Armory and their FAQ section. They have info on AR-15s, M1 Garands, and M14s.

How to attach the 1907 leather sling.

How to use the 1907 leather sling.