YouTube – Ford Fiesta road test – Top Gear – BBC

YouTube – Ford Fiesta road test – Top Gear – BBC.

Was watching some Top Gear on Netflix On Demand and had to share this. Go to the 4:46 mark.


TDI Kriss news from SHOT.

Thanks to Steve’s coverage of SHOT Show, we know the TDI Kriss will be available in a pistol configuration and also will be released in .40 S&W. The pistol configuration is for people who want a short barrel without going through the NFA hoops. The only trade-off is you can’t put a stock on it. I’d love a short barrel Kriss in .45 but I would have to have the stock and that would make it NFA. If I was going to go through the NFA hoops for an SBR it would probably be an UZI or an AR-15 so I could use multiple calibers.

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NYT Article about M4 production and torture tests.

The New York Times has a couple of articles about the production of the M4 Carbine. They have a couple of videos of torture tests on the M4 and the M4A1. The problem is everything smaller than a SAW will fail eventually after enough full auto fire. Rounds begin to cook off in closed bolt guns and barrels begin to fail in both closed and open bolt guns.

NYT Article Pt. 1

NYT Article Pt. 2 including videos

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Sabre joins Colt and FN in the list of GI M16s.

Sabre Defence has gotten final approval to crank out M16A3s and M16A4s for the US military. Currently, Colt produces the M4 Carbine and FN produces the M16. The Tactical Wire reports:

Sabre Defence Industries was honored in 2008 with the award of a Government contract to supply the complete weapons system known as the M16A3 and M16A4. After gearing up in 2009 to produce this weapon and passing all the stringent Government tests, Sabre was given approval to enter full production and begin deliveries. This award makes Sabre Defence one of the very few companies ever to provide a military specification rifle to the U.S. Government.

Aliens Marine “Pulse Rifle” using 870 and M11/9.

Fans of Aliens will no doubt remember the M41A Pulse Rifle issued to the Colonial Marines. Well thanks to Lage Manufacturing, it might soon be possible to own one of your own! All it takes is a transferable 9mm M11/9 with a Soumi style upper and a registered short barrel Remington 870 for the underbarrel “grenade launcher.” It has a red dot sight and a shot counter that turn on when a mag is inserted.

The props from the movie were made by taking the actions from Thompson M1 subguns, stocks from H&K MP5s, Remington 870s, and SPAS 12 forends.

Lage MFG. MAX41A 9mm/12 Ga. "Pulse Rifle"

More info on the guns from the movie can be found on The machineguns were mocked up MG-42s. You also see a few others like the H&K VP70.

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Belt-fed 12 Ga. AR-15/M16 Upper!

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Here’s the video originally posted on Blue Gun Blog.

Here’s one I could embed.