NYT Article about M4 production and torture tests.

The New York Times has a couple of articles about the production of the M4 Carbine. They have a couple of videos of torture tests on the M4 and the M4A1. The problem is everything smaller than a SAW will fail eventually after enough full auto fire. Rounds begin to cook off in closed bolt guns and barrels begin to fail in both closed and open bolt guns.

NYT Article Pt. 1

NYT Article Pt. 2 including videos

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American company making RPG-7s.

A company called Airtronic USA, Inc. is making an American made version of the Russian RPG-7. The advantages are that it is machined from 4150 steel and not cast. This makes the tube stronger than the older launchers. They’ve also added M1913 quard rails, back up iron sights, M16/M4 grips, and an M4 telestock.

Hat Tip: Greedy Gun Runners has more info and the press releases.