Stuff I See At Work – Box o’ Colts

We got a collection with a pile of Colt .22 Woodsman and Match Target pistols. This bin has layer after layer of them!


A preview of another oddball.

This is from the days before Lasergrips…


HK P7M10 .40 S&W

He had this come through at work. I prefer the 9mm version due to the size of the .40. This is also one of the few guns where I prefer the Euro-style heel mag release, otherwise I prefer their current mag release.



Stuff I See At Work – Bling Edition

We got in a consecutive pair of Walthers that are in the box, engraved, and gold plated.


Interesting silencer side effect.

Something not everyone knows about silencer use is gas blowback. It’s never seen in movies or tv. When you shoot a silenced firearm, there is the possibility of gas being blown back through the barrel and action and at the shooter. It can be anything from mild and barely noticeable to uncomfortable (sometimes called “gasface”). It can also cause junk and powder residue to blow back. Here’s a picture of my shirt after the last time I shot with a can. Some guns are worse than others. AR-15s are known to leak gas between the upper and lower.


New Detonics Combat Master.

First time I’ve ever seen a 1911, or any automatic pistol, with an octagon barrel. Detonics is going to be releasing the 3rd iteration of the Combat Master. It has some other interesting features. The front sight is on the barrel instead of the slide. This is to help rapid follow up shots. The front sight moves very little allowing the shooter to regain a sight picture faster. Also somewhat unique is the front slide serrations on the subcompact model. Most Commander sized guns just have rear serrations, let alone the 3″ guns.

Note the octagon barrel and barrel mounted front sight.

Detonics Homepage

Hat Tip: Bob Boyd’s Blog (Has more pictures)/Michael Bane’s Blog (Has some history)

Homemade 9mm pistol.

Someone on FAL Files made a semi auto 9mm pistol out of a Luger barrel, AK fire control group, and some scrap metal. It uses STEN mags.

Hat Tip: The Firearm Blog