Products I Recommend Against – Laserlyte Rear Sight Laser.

I saw the write up on these in this month’s American Rifleman. We’ve had Glocks come with these installed from the distributor. From the guns I’ve seen, they are unreliable, difficult to adjust, and prone to breaking. I’ve seen one stick on and only turn off when the batteries were pulled or they ran out. I’ve seen some that switch between modes when you rack the slide. I don’t know how they expect them to take even 9mm recoil when just tapping them hard enough causes problems. At the price these things are selling for, DEFINITELY avoid them. Look into Crimson Trace Lasergrips or a Lasermax instead.


Movie Review – Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009, PG)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009, PG) Directed by Wes Anderson.

I know it’s already out of theaters, but I felt like reviewing it anyway. I went to see it with family and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kids will love it and so will the adults. For us gun people there’s some extra in there. The movie is about Mr. Fox who is going through a midlife crisis and decides to raid the local farms for old time’s sake. He quickly gets in over his head and all the animals have to help get him out. Back to the bonus for gun lovers. There’s a decent amount of gun play and one of the farmers even uses what’s obviously an artillery Luger. The animation is old school stop motion. It reminded me of the old Christmas specials. The voice cast is another reason to see it. George Clooney, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, and some cameos by others. I’ll be putting it on the Netflix queue and will probably post some screenshots of the Luger when it hits DVD. If you get the chance, check this one out.

Gear Review – Maratac Zulu S-Series 2 Ring Watch Band

Well I got a few new gadgets for Christmas. I got a Maratac AAA flashlight and a new watch band. The band is a Maratac 2 ring Zulu S-Series. I got #238 which is a black band with an ACU Gray stripe and is for watches with a 22mm lug. I am currently wearing it on my Luminox 3013. It is VERY comfortable and appears to me to be the most secure band on any of my watches. It has a one piece design that weaves through the bars on the watch. The idea is that since it was made for a dive watch, if one of the spring bars breaks, you don’t lose your watch when you’re 150 meters underwater. A side benefit of the one piece strap is you can change it pretty quickly to clean the watch or just to switch out different colors. Here’s how County Comm describes the Maratac Zulus:

The nylon is both soft but firm with laser burnt holes leaving no nasty burrs to irritate your wrist or wear on your wet suit. The buckles are made from brushed high grade 316L Stainless Steel that has extremely low (if any) magnetic properties making these straps ideal for use with your dive compass as well as your watch. These bands are a one-piece design that weaves through your watch for maximum watch security during wet operations or just around town.

This definitely won’t be my last Zulu. I think I’ll try a 4 ring next.

Gear Review – Maratac Silicone Watch Band

I received my new Maratac silicone watchband from County Comm. I bought it for my new Citizen Military watch. It was easy to fit and is very comfortable. I got the brown one for a 20mm lug. It is quicker on and off than the factory band and I like it a lot. The band has a series of holes that are used to cut and fit the strap. The snap has a few holes in it that are for minor length adjustments. I’ll try to get some pictures of the set up at some point and post them.

Gear Review – Citizen Eco-Drive Military Watch With Chronograph

I just picked up a new watch. It’s a Citizen Military with chronograph (Model AT0200-05E). The MSRP is $215 but they can be found for almost half of that at several big online sources. The body is stainless steel and is water resistant to 100m. It runs on their Eco-Drive system which charges off of almost any light source. It has a green canvas band but I have a Maratac silicone band on the way from County Comm. I’m looking forward to playing around with it and seeing how well it keeps time (the manual says +/- 30 seconds per month). It is comfortable and has nice weight to it without being overly bulky. The face is easy to read and the hands glow bright when charged up. I’ll post a review of the new band when it comes in and post some followup thoughts on the watch after I’ve had a chance to wear it some more.