Magpul rolling out Stealth Gray, discontinuing others.

I posted this on my twitter feed the other day but I think it needs to be here as well. Magpul is fully rolling out their Stealth gray products. They had started a couple of years ago but were interrupted by the panic of 2012.

In other Magpul news, they are discontinuing all Foliage Green parts and all non-black MOE mags by the end of 2014.

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Stuff I See Messed Up – Ruger Mini-14 Fixed

I previously posted about a messed up Ruger Mini-14 we had at work. Well I got a chance during a slow day to fix it. It turns out, the gas tube had gotten dislodged and walked out of its hole. Once it fell clear of the hole, it prevented the op rod from going all the way forward. I simply unscrewed the gas block which allowed the tube to come out the front of the stock. At this point I could have just reinstalled the gas block and tube but I opened the gun up and gave it a once over just to be sure that was everything. I put it back together and now it’s just waiting to be sold.

TDI Kriss news from SHOT.

Thanks to Steve’s coverage of SHOT Show, we know the TDI Kriss will be available in a pistol configuration and also will be released in .40 S&W. The pistol configuration is for people who want a short barrel without going through the NFA hoops. The only trade-off is you can’t put a stock on it. I’d love a short barrel Kriss in .45 but I would have to have the stock and that would make it NFA. If I was going to go through the NFA hoops for an SBR it would probably be an UZI or an AR-15 so I could use multiple calibers.

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Charles Daly/KBI going out of business.

This is sad news. I liked Charles Daly for bringing a lot of the Israeli stuff over. They were working on bringing the IWI Tavor over. At least the Bul 1911s and the Jerichos will be available through Magnum Research.

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Bushmaster ACR news. has some answers to user questions from Bushmaster about the ACR. It doesn’t use AR barrels or triggers. It will be offered in 5.56, 6.8, 6.5, and 7.62X39.

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Robinson Arms sueing RRA, Bushmaster/Remington, and Magpul.

Soldier Systems has the story. A few days before SHOT Show, Robinson Arms is filing suits against Remington, Magpul, Bushmaster, and Rock River Arms. They are claiming patent infringement of their patent on a (Multi-caliber ambidextrously controllable firearm #7,596,900).

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NYT Article about M4 production and torture tests.

The New York Times has a couple of articles about the production of the M4 Carbine. They have a couple of videos of torture tests on the M4 and the M4A1. The problem is everything smaller than a SAW will fail eventually after enough full auto fire. Rounds begin to cook off in closed bolt guns and barrels begin to fail in both closed and open bolt guns.

NYT Article Pt. 1

NYT Article Pt. 2 including videos

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