Range Report 09-10-11

I haven’t been shooting in a while and today I got to the range. I went with my fiance and her aunt who hasn’t shot in many years. Today we had a bit of variety in the guns we shot. We got to shoot my Ruger Mark II Gov’t Target .22 and my Sig Sauer P220 (with and without AAC Tirant silencer). We also got to shoot a Ruger SR9 and an HK P30 both in 9mm. My fiance’s aunt brought her revolver, a Smith & Wesson Model 67 in .38. The Smith groups well as they are known to do, but I may need to adjust the sights slightly for the new ammo she got. It’s hitting a little off from where they were last adjusted. The P30 is very mild in recoil and really impressed me. I’m normally not the biggest HK fan but after having shot a P30 and HK 45, I’m a fan of their newer pistols. The USPs were always large for my hands but the latest generation of their products fits great. The trigger on the P30 is very good compared to the USP triggers. It was controllable and grouped well. The Ruger SR9 was very nice, especially considering their usual sub-$500 price. The trigger was a little heavier than some of them I’ve played with but was very consistent. It grouped surprisingly well. I really had fun with that pistol. The Mark II shot flawlessly today. Anyone who has fired a Ruger .22 knows how great these are. Anyone looking for a first pistol can do a whole lot worse than a Mark II or III. The suppressed .45 drew a crowd as usual and I’m getting used to that. I had a couple opportunities to explain about the process of NFA ownership. One of the last things I did was help another shooter sight in the red dot on his GSG-5 .22 pistol. That’s the first time I’d gotten to shoot one of these and it was incredibly fun. I may have to pick one up some day.

Well that’s the rundown of today’s shooting. I hope to get to the range more often time permitting.


Interesting silencer side effect.

Something not everyone knows about silencer use is gas blowback. It’s never seen in movies or tv. When you shoot a silenced firearm, there is the possibility of gas being blown back through the barrel and action and at the shooter. It can be anything from mild and barely noticeable to uncomfortable (sometimes called “gasface”). It can also cause junk and powder residue to blow back. Here’s a picture of my shirt after the last time I shot with a can. Some guns are worse than others. AR-15s are known to leak gas between the upper and lower.


AAC Tirant .45 video.

I went shooting with my fiance today and got some trigger time with my silencer. The video shows my Sig P220 .45 ACP shooting some 230 gr. Magtech FMJ with and without the AAC Tirant installed. The buzzing sound is the door alarm to the range. It’s a cease fire notice to save the ears of those outside watching who aren’t wearing ear protection. I’m wearing ear protection even though the Tirant is hearing safe because we were at a public range. The shots in the background are from the next set of bays. The target is Steve the zombie.

SHOT Show 2010 – US Firearms Releases Woodsman .22 LR

U.S. Firearms, makers of fine Single Action Army and 1911 pistols, is reintroducing the classic Colt Woodsman .22. They are going to be manufacturing the 2nd Generation Woodsman Match. They will be distributed exclusively by Davidson’s.

The Outdoow Wire reports: (Emphasis added)

The New USFA WOODSMAN® Match .22 is hand crafted just like you’d expect from USFA, known for high quality and is made with our reverence for great workmanship. The Woodsman will be made in 2 standard barrel lengths (4-1/2″ and 6″) both featuring the slab sided barrel weights, offered in our beautiful High Polish Dome Blue with checkered walnut, right hand thumb rest grips. Options such as nickel plating, engraving, custom grip materials, and matching Maxim “silencer” (sound suppressor) package will be available at extra cost.

That is cool. A new Maxim can to go with a new Woodsman.

I couldn’t find any pictures of the new gun yet.

If you want to learn more about the Colt Woodsman series of .22s, check out Colt22.com.

Mers from AAC goes over how to legally buy a silencer.

Big thanks to Mers at AAC’s blog for posting this. While I don’t work at a shop that deals with NFA items, but we get the occasional question due to people not understanding the laws.

How To Legally Buy A Silencer.

X-Ray pictures of guns.

Mike over at Every Day, No Days Off has some neat X-ray pictures of guns. If only these were around during the whole “plastic gun” scares in the ’80s when people tried to say Glocks would go through metal detectors and airport scanners. Also cool to see the baffle stack in the suppressor on the first picture. The AR-15 they show the trigger group of is probably a Colt because it doesn’t have a bottom ring on the back of the bolt carrier.

X-Ray of a Glock with a silencer.

New .45 Silencer test results at Silencer Research.

John has the results of his side by side test of 3 .45 suppressors. He tested the AAC Ti-Rant .45, the Silencerco Osprey .45, and the HTG Cycle 2 .45. The review, pictures, and results are for his premium members. It can all be found HERE.