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AAC Tirant .45 video.

I went shooting with my fiance today and got some trigger time with my silencer. The video shows my Sig P220 .45 ACP shooting some 230 gr. Magtech FMJ with and without the AAC Tirant installed. The buzzing sound is the door alarm to the range. It’s a cease fire notice to save the ears of those outside watching who aren’t wearing ear protection. I’m wearing ear protection even though the Tirant is hearing safe because we were at a public range. The shots in the background are from the next set of bays. The target is Steve the zombie.

YouTube – Ford Fiesta road test – Top Gear – BBC

YouTube – Ford Fiesta road test – Top Gear – BBC.

Was watching some Top Gear on Netflix On Demand and had to share this. Go to the 4:46 mark.

Different kind of hand cannon!

I think I found my new CCW!

Hat Tip: Epic Win FTW!

LED conversion for an old pocketwatch.

This is one of the neatest things I’ve seen in a while. I found it a while back and finally got around to posting it. Paul Pounds turned an old Elgin pocket watch into a high tech watch using some new hardware and LEDs. He has this to say about the project:

My grandfather was a horologist. When he passed away in 2005 I inherited from him a collection of broken pocketwatches. As my skills are in microelectronics, rather than micromechanics, I felt it would be a fitting tribute to him to produce an electronic movement in place of one of the broken ones he’d never had the time to fix.

It’s a very cool watch and an interesting read. I hope he furthers the project, I’d like one.

Hat Tip: Gajitz

Mers from AAC goes over how to legally buy a silencer.

Big thanks to Mers at AAC’s blog for posting this. While I don’t work at a shop that deals with NFA items, but we get the occasional question due to people not understanding the laws.

How To Legally Buy A Silencer.

Aliens Marine “Pulse Rifle” using 870 and M11/9.

Fans of Aliens will no doubt remember the M41A Pulse Rifle issued to the Colonial Marines. Well thanks to Lage Manufacturing, it might soon be possible to own one of your own! All it takes is a transferable 9mm M11/9 with a Soumi style upper and a registered short barrel Remington 870 for the underbarrel “grenade launcher.” It has a red dot sight and a shot counter that turn on when a mag is inserted.

The props from the movie were made by taking the actions from Thompson M1 subguns, stocks from H&K MP5s, Remington 870s, and SPAS 12 forends.

Lage MFG. MAX41A 9mm/12 Ga. "Pulse Rifle"

More info on the guns from the movie can be found on The machineguns were mocked up MG-42s. You also see a few others like the H&K VP70.

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