HK P7M10 .40 S&W

He had this come through at work. I prefer the 9mm version due to the size of the .40. This is also one of the few guns where I prefer the Euro-style heel mag release, otherwise I prefer their current mag release.




The Guns of The Book of Eli.

I saw The Book of Eli (2010, R) over the weekend. Plenty of new and old guns. While I was in the theater I thought Denzel Washington was carrying a Smith M&P, but it turns out it’s an HK-45. Gary Oldman’s character carries a Browning Hi Power. Other notable guns include an old Gatling and a Winchester 1897 solid frame.

I enjoyed it. Fans of the Fallout series will enjoy this one. Think of Denzel as the “lone wanderer.” It also has a cameo by President Eden… I mean Malcolm McDowell. Entry for The Book of Eli.