Magpul rolling out Stealth Gray, discontinuing others.

I posted this on my twitter feed the other day but I think it needs to be here as well. Magpul is fully rolling out their Stealth gray products. They had started a couple of years ago but were interrupted by the panic of 2012.

In other Magpul news, they are discontinuing all Foliage Green parts and all non-black MOE mags by the end of 2014.

Hat tip: DarkOnion on Reddit.


Robinson Arms sueing RRA, Bushmaster/Remington, and Magpul.

Soldier Systems has the story. A few days before SHOT Show, Robinson Arms is filing suits against Remington, Magpul, Bushmaster, and Rock River Arms. They are claiming patent infringement of their patent on a (Multi-caliber ambidextrously controllable firearm #7,596,900).

Hat Tip: Say Uncle.

New pics of the Bushmaster ACR!

The Firearm Blog has some pictures on the first Bushmaster ACR in individual hands. I would love to have one of these.

Remington/Bushmaster ACR update.

I’ve been excited about the Remington/Bushmaster ACR since it was still the Magpul Masada. I talked with a Remington rep at work and he told me it should be available hopefully by summer 2010 and the MSRP will be around $2000. Hopefully with that MSRP, the retail price will be competitive with some of the higher end AR-15s. The military/law enforcement orders will go through Remington while the civilian sales will be handled by Bushmaster. I’ve excited and I hope we get one at work so I can check one out in person.